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Hello! Silverbirch here!

I'd like to formally welcome everyone to the new year and also to apologize for the lack of activity recently;
usually I am the one who approves the majority of submissions, but lately I've had to move house three times in the last two months and now I am without internet at home, so getting to submissions is a bit difficult for me.
However, I will be able to get back to my duties in about a week or so, so please bear with me!
If your submission expired even if submitted to the correct folder, please don't be disheartened, and feel free to resubmit it again. I will do my best to get to it in time!
We have 127 waiting in the queue right now, so this could take a while but when I am able, I'll get right onto it.

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday if you're able, and here's to another year of celebrating our favourite Pokemon!

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Eevee Fan Club!

ID drawn by the fabulous AndrePaz!


Currently allowed for submissions:
:bulletblue: 1 FanArt PER WEEK
:bulletblue: 1 Mascot Art per week…
:bulletblue: 5 PoM Submissions per PoM.…



Created and made popular by Toyger

But all credit for keeping it alive today goes to Silverbirch and the Gym Leaders =^_^=

Gymleader is not a simple title anyone can earn. The Gymleaders are the Co-Owners who take part in running the group. The only way to become one is to apply when we make a journal about needing more helpers. =^_^=

Gessy got deleted by a hacker, and will stay on until she decide to return with a new account.


Elite Master


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WhiteTigerGinger Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hey I have some eevee adoptables and i don't know wich folder to sumit them in? (if you even accept adoptables :P )…
Sally45522 Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
I know i'm not in this group it was featured in one of my groups but i'm guessing that this group was made a while back because my fav eeveelution Sylveon (SIL-vee-on) is not featured, just asking.Sylveon Icon pokemon gif sylveon Fav eeveelutions (in order, starting with eevee)Eevee la icon Sylveon La Glaceon La icon Leafeon La icon Espeon la icon Flareon La icon Umbreon La icon Vaporeon La icon Jolteon La plz 
Toyger Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
This group is so old Leafeon and Glaceon didn't even exist when it was made! =D
We haven't upgraded all of our art to include the new ones, but do include them if we do replace if we make one with all =)
There should still be some around where even Leafeon and Glaceon is not included, in our journal art =)
The icon we have now I remember the creator mentioned it was very hard to get it small enough without ruining the animation, so I assume that is why they haven't updated it with a new version which include Sylveon (It was made by our wonderful Elite Master who has access to all group features =^_^= )
MsPokemonExpert Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
Ok thanks!:) (Smile) 
WidowTheVaporeon Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
   Hello, I am Widow the vaporeon. I would like to ask a few things.
   First of all, I have noticed a lack of art, and a few peices taken off (couldnt remember many, but I coulda sworn there was more art on here.). I see more and more of Eon and his family and less of other people's characters. Many of the oc's in the gallery (including my own) have been taken off for unknown reasons. I understand celebrating your own oc's and everything, but if its going to be mostly Eon and his family, I highly suggest you change the name to "Eon's Club" or something similar to such a title.
   Second of all, I have seen quite a bit of spam in the comments and on the page. I don't know if you are aware of this, but i do know you can control it by simply blocking the user. I don't want to lag up my computer by simply going to my favorite site.
   Lastly, I would just like to say that eevee fan club is a great group but is going down quite a bit. Most of the art that used to be featured was moved to old, deleted, or not used and usually replaced with mascot fanart. If I were to run a group myself, I would open it to all oc's and characters, not just my own.
Thank you for reading.

Silverbirch Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
What comes to mind immediately is that you're looking in the Featured gallery! This is where we put contest winner artwork, which has sometimes our group's personal mascots included. Since we've had no contests recently, the Featured folder has been unused for quite some time.
As for our group's mascots themselves... there's been absolutely no art of them since we had the contest for the new Sylveon character! Check the dates on the submissions - they're all many months old. So your complaint that we're accepting almost entirely mascot art all the time is unfounded, I'm afraid.

Other than that, our Fan Art gallery folder is what sees the most activity, where we accept pieces several times a week once the influx of them is enough - usually we accept 10-12 at a time, spread out over several days until the submission queue is cleared.
We accept OCs, fake eeveelutions, and fanfics as well as regular Eeveelution artwork; OCs go in the regular Fan Art folder but the other two options have their own separate folders as well.

As for the comments on the page, they're not frequent; as you can see, they're posted once or twice a month, which is hardly any. I can see what you mean by the 'spam' comments though, with a lot of icons and things involved - I'll do my best to clear those up since they do cause a bit of a problem for my computer as well.

I hope that clears some things up for you!
WidowTheVaporeon Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
Thank you, I see what you mean. i was just worried a bit XD
goldenworldgamer Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
I'll watch you
ausuna Featured By Owner Edited Feb 21, 2015
cloud/bird type eevee same type as missingno. or missing number!!
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